Problems with HighLevelCommander

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Re: Problems with HighLevelCommander

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Crazyradio is using the 2.4Ghz ISM band, same as Wifi and Bluetooth. So if there is a strong Wifi access point on the channel you are trying to use it is possible for it to affect performance. To check that it is not the case, look at the LEDs on the Crazyradio dongle when connected: green means that a packet has been transmitted successfully an red that a packet was lost. If there is a lot of packet lost, you can try changing the channel.
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Re: Problems with HighLevelCommander

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Thank you for your reply. I have done some tests and I found the reason for: "In my side, the external pose is from Optitrack, and when frequency of pose equals 100 hz(this is the frequency that I used before), then crazyflie will crash. But once I lower the frequency of pose to 30 HZ and 60 HZ, the Crazflie fly well. Any frequency of external pose which is equal or larger than 100HZ, then Crazyflie will crash. "

It is caused by radio latency caused by VM. once I use a laptop instead of a VM, the 100hz pose data also makes my crazyflie fly well.
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