[Crazyflie2.1] Trouble with get state estimate

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[Crazyflie2.1] Trouble with get state estimate

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Hi there,

I want to create an application that Crazyflie move to a point that position (x, y, z) is already determined (in relative).

After that I connect Crazyflie2.1 to Crazyclient on my Window 10 computer, I realize that X and Y State estimate was 0 all the time, Z State estimate is not so precise, but Pitch, Roll, Yatch is normal. And I do not have Flowdeck or Lighthouse, just simply one Crazyflie2.1. I know that if I do not have estimate State, I can not move Crazyflie to another position.
Can somebody help me to figure out why X and Y is 0, or Crazyclient on Window 10 has problem.
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Re: [Crazyflie2.1] Trouble with get state estimate

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So without any deck available, the position estimator will be the complementary filter, which is only meant to estimate the attitude and height but not the X and Y position. Here is a page that explains a bit about the different available state estimators available in our code.

If you would attach a flowdeck or lighthouse, the estimator will go automatically to the extended kalman filter. If you would do this with the lighthouse while there is no basestation, you will see the position diverge since it doesn't get any sweep angle measurement to estimate the position with.
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