Indoor navigation with Crazyfile

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Indoor navigation with Crazyfile

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Hey guys.
I am new to Crazyfile. I am trying to select the best option that allows indoor navigation with Crazyfile. Could you please let me know which deck should I use? Also, a bit more information on camera based navigation (which is not available as product?) would be great.
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Re: Indoor navigation with Crazyfile

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The [ur= ... ng-bundlel]stem rangle bundle[/url] is a good option for anybody starting with autonomous indoor navigation since it contains a flowdeck and multiranger deck. Here are some getting started tutorials and we also have some step by step guides for those who want to control a crazyflie from the client.

Right now our only product that has a camera is the AIdeck. You can also look for tiny stand alone PCBs with a camera. As long as it is around 5 -10 grams it should be something the crazyflie can carry with the additional decks.
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