Can't connect to Crazyflie 1.0

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Can't connect to Crazyflie 1.0

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I had this marvelous toy in my drawer for way too long and now that I wanted to use it to get into the magic of flying I can't connect to it.
I am on macOS 10.15.6. I followed the instructions that I found on the site and that didn't work.
I also downloaded the VM that it doesn't connect either. "too many packets lost" is the most common error I have seen.

I have the USB dongle which is detected once I push on the scan button but then it never connects. The instructions to enter in the bootload mode (hold 3s the switch) don't seem to be applying to v1 but only to v2.

How do I connect to a v1?
Thank you!
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Re: Can't connect to Crazyflie 1.0

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We stopped the crazyflie v1 in software since june 2017. Maybe you should try to have the CFlib and CFclient from that era as well. Also there are still some flashing instructions on the wiki.
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