Crazyflie won't stay in bootloader mode

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Crazyflie won't stay in bootloader mode

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Hey everyone, so I was trying to flash the regular crazyflie firmware onto one of my crazyflies but for some reason it won't enter into bootloader mode and demonstrates abnormal LED behaviour, the error I receive from the terminal is

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python3 -m cfloader  flash  cf2.bin stm32-fw
Restart the Crazyflie you want to bootload in the next
 10 seconds ...
Cannot connect the bootloader!
Makefile:411: recipe for target 'cload' failed
make: *** [cload] Error 255
So far I have tried:

- Flashing through the cfclient
- Flashing different firmware
- Putting the crazyflie into DFU mode (holding the reset button while plugging it into the USB) but when I use the command lsusb it does not show that there is a device in DFU mode
- Holding the reset button until the blue LED flashes faster (I believe this is also DFU mode? Not sure, lsusb still doesn't say that) and trying to flash the firmware
- When connected to the cfclient, the console does not show any errors
- When I trying flashing with "make cload" and it tries to connect to the crazyflies, the crazyflie will then enter the state as presented in the video (blue LED flashing)

Flashing the other crazyflies works fine, I am just having issues with one in particular. The two I am using right now originally were flashed with the crazyswarm firmware but only one of them is showing this issue. Video of the issue ... sp=sharing

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Re: Crazyflie won't stay in bootloader mode

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That is indeed really odd... Seems you have tried a lot already (becareful with the DFU one though).

Have you tried this line: ?

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python3 -m cfloader flash cf2.bin stm32-fw -w radio://0/80/2M/E7E7E7E7E7
The crazyflie just needs to be on (not in bootloader mode) but it will put itself into bootloader mode. You can do the same thing with the NRF, which might be a good idea as well (since that is essential of getting into bootloader mode)

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python3 -m cfloader flash cf2_nrf.bin nrf51-fw -w radio://0/80/2M/E7E7E7E7E7
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