Running different ROS/Ubuntu version projects on Crazyflie

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Running different ROS/Ubuntu version projects on Crazyflie

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Hey everyone, an issue I have been running into is trying to test out the works of other contributors on the crazyflies at my lab but it appears they all work on different versions of Ubuntu or ROS. For example, the crazyswarms project ... OS2017.pdf appears to work only on Ubuntu 14.04 - Ubuntu 18.04 since the versions of ROS that they use are meant for those Ubuntu distributions. When I try to run a project like Micro-ROS ... flie_demo/ according to their core tutorials section, I need Ubuntu 18.04 with ROS Dashing Diademeta to run. For a project like mav trajectory I require ROS indigo or kinetic which only runs on previous Ubuntu distributions

I run Ubuntu 20.04 with ROS2 Foxy installed and I want to test out these projects. Do I need to create a virtual machine to run each of these projects or is there some better way of doing this? Another option I've been looking into learning is docker containers, but now I'm struggling to figure out how to run these projects through Docker. Is there anything similar to Windows compatibility mode on Ubuntu? I'm trying to avoid using VMs for better latency (and it takes time to create each one)

I saw this recent post viewtopic.php?f=5&t=4352 and I'll see if it's possible to build from source (I'm new to ROS/Ubuntu so I'm unsure if this will work)

Thank you!
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