Issue taking off using the mobile app

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Issue taking off using the mobile app

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I just got the crazyflie and mounted everything properly (I believe). Then I wanted to test it out using the mobile app and something quite weird happened. First when I increased only thrust, all propellers but one start to turn, then when I continue increasing thrust, at some point, the one propeller that was not turning starts to do so and makes the drone very unstable and hard to maneuver.
I tried to change the motor but the problem remains and I wonder If you already experienced such problems and how you solved it.

I am looking forwards to hearing from you,

Best Regards.
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Re: Issue taking off using the mobile app

Post by kimberly »


Which mobile OS are you using?

You can try to grab the crazylie at its sides around the body (so not the propellers) then you can try to do full trust while holding it (so it doesnt fly away). All propellers should be turning then.

Flying with the app is very difficult to be hones due to to the lack of feedback. I like flying with a controller myself :)
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