Replace damaged processor

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Replace damaged processor

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Hi all,

I've just purchased a Crazyflie Bolt, but due to me being a bit to eager to set it up, I've soldered the power and ground pins on one of the ESCs the wrong way. :(

This blew the ST processor and the MOSFET connected to that ESC, but I was wondering if it is still salvageable.

I checked the schematics and the damage should be limited to those 2 components.

If it is, after I replace those components, then is there a way to re-flash a new processor with the bootloader?
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Re: Replace damaged processor

Post by tobias »

I've done those type of mistakes many times... With some help you should be able to flash the bootloader. The special thing you will have to do is to flash the OTP with the right ID sting which is used by the FW to identify the board and for this you will need a STlink which I guess you already have? The OTP should be flashed to address 0x1fff7800 and the bootloader to 0x08000000.
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