Drone remains on the ground after "trauma"

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Drone remains on the ground after "trauma"

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Our drones reject commands after crashing / being moved.
I would assume that this is because the sensors loose "calibration" and would crash if they where to fly.
Thats obliviously good, but i would like to know when the drone enters this state so i can restart them.

We have sys.canfly written out to our frontend but there doesn't seem to be a relation between canfly and this "disabled state".
Is there another variable we could use to detect this state?

Thank you
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Re: Drone remains on the ground after "trauma"

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There is a parameter called stabilizer.emergencyStop that is set to 1 when you crash (https://github.com/bitcraze/crazyflie-firmware/pull/481)
Try setting it to 0.
Note: the parameter is set from the firmware and the true state might not be visible in the client.
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