Bigquad - Not Producing PWM values

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Bigquad - Not Producing PWM values

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We have a BigQuad that we have been using. Recently, we replaced some parts for the big drone, but now our BigQuad does not produce a PWM.

We manually change the motor parameters in the client, and we don't get any outputs. We get a solid DC output from the signal port (I believe it was a solid 5V). We had to correct 5V and ground for the BEC through the CPPM side port. Based on the schematics, it looks like they all go to the same 5V port.

Any advice would be great. Thank you.


For more context this is the output in the console:

SYS: Crazyflie 2.0 is up and running!
SYS: Build 0:a203d748e139 (2018.12) MODIFIED
SYS: I am 0x2035355237485008003C0021 and I have 1024KB of flash!
CFGBLK: v1, verification [OK]
DECK_DRIVERS: Found 17 drivers
DECK_INFO: Found 1 deck memory.
DECK_CORE: 1 deck enumerated
BIGQUAD: Switching to brushless.
MPU9250 I2C connection [OK].
AK8963 I2C connection [OK].
LPS25H I2C connection [OK].
ESTIMATOR: Using estimator 1
CONTROLLER: Using controller 1
EEPROM: I2C connection [OK].
AK8963: Self test [OK].
DECK_CORE: Deck 0 test [OK].
SYS: Free heap: 14248 bytes
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Re: Bigquad - Not Producing PWM values

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Do you have another crazyflie to test with, just to rule out that there is a problem with the hardware. Also does the crazyflie calibrate? I'm can't remember but it might not send out any signal until the sensors has calibrated.
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