Can't install the python client

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Can't install the python client

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I am trying to install the crazyflie client on Windows 10 using the manual on

However, during the installation (at pip install -e .[dev,qt5]), I get the following error message at some point:
"error: file 'C:\Users\User\AppData\Local\Temp\pip-install-akjfpxyp\cx-freeze\cxfreeze-postinstall' does not exist"
(detailed log:

I tried to install cxfreeze manually, but it seems like it doesn't matter since the setup tries to install it again during the process. I also tried different versions of python, none of them worked so far. Google was not helpful either, I didn't find any way to resolve the issue.

I would appreciate a solution since I am stuck with this problem for a couple of hours now.
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Re: Can't install the python client

Post by arnaud »

Try installing without dev (pip install -e.[qt5]), if the problem only comes from cx_freeze it will work. Cx_freeze is only needed if you want to build windows installer for the client which is not required just to run it.

I think the problem for cx_freeze might come from the fact that cx_freeze 5.1 does not support Python 3.7, we use Python 3.6 to build to client. Cx_freeze 6.0 supports Python 3.7 but cannot build the client installer with the current configuration (I created a ticket about that on github).

Please confirm if it works installing without dev, if so I will update the readme.
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