cannot flash firmware - cannot connect to bootloader

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cannot flash firmware - cannot connect to bootloader

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I cannot connect to bootloader to flash firmware.
I can connect to the drone in FW mode - (via USB)

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SYS: Crazyflie 2.0 is up and running!
SYS: Build 0:a1d5aac6f3e6 (2019.02) MODIFIED
SYS: I am 0x2035355237485008004D0039 and I have 1024KB of flash!
CFGBLK: v1, verification [OK]
DECK_DRIVERS: Found 16 drivers
DECK_INFO: Found 2 deck memories.
DECK_CORE: 2 deck enumerated
ZR2: Z-down sensor [OK]
PMW: Motion chip id: 0x49:0xB6
MPU9250 I2C connection [OK].
AK8963 I2C connection [OK].
LPS25H I2C connection [OK].
ESTIMATOR: Using estimator 2
CONTROLLER: Using controller 1
EEPROM: I2C connection [OK].
AK8963: Self test [OK].
MR: Init front sensor [OK]
MR: Init back sensor [OK]
MR: Init up sensor [OK]
MR: Init left sensor [OK]
MR: Init right sensor [OK]
DECK_CORE: Deck 0 test [OK].
DECK_CORE: Deck 1 test [OK].
SYS: Free heap: 8672 bytes
using "make cload" from the VM it says --

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Restart the Crazyflie you want to bootload in the next
 10 seconds ...
Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/home/bitcraze/projects/crazyflie-clients-python/src/cfloader/", line 150, in main
    if bl.start_bootloader(warm_boot=False):
  File "/home/bitcraze/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/cflib/bootloader/", line 112, in start_bootloader
  File "/home/bitcraze/.local/lib/python3.6/site-packages/cflib/bootloader/", line 246, in request_info_update
    return self.targets[target_id]
KeyError: 254
using cfloader it just says "cannot connect to bootloader"

I don't know how to flash firmware via USB... if you have any link to do it

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Re: cannot flash firmware - cannot connect to bootloader

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Did you put the Crazyflie in Bootloader mode? You should press the button for 3 seconds until the blue LED's start to blink, as explained here: ... #update-fw

Also you would need a Crazyradio PA to connect to the Crazyflie for 'make cload'. Flashing the firmware via USB is possible but we do not advise that since that can break the bootloader if done improperly. Through the Crazyradio PA is definitely the safest way to reflash your crazyflie.
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