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log data

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I have a problem for collecting IMU data by using Laptop-Client when I manually fly the CF with my phone.
The connection between the CF and Laptop-Client always break after I control the CF for several seconds, so I can't collect valid data.
How can I fix it?

And second, logging the data while controlling the CF with code is also preferable, but can you please show me how can I integrate two of your example code into ones? I mean I want to control the CF like flowsequenceSync.py and log data like basiclogSync.py. Both of them have their own loops, e.g. ' for y in range(10):' in flowsequenceSync.py and 'with SyncLogger(scf, lg_stab) as logger:' in basiclogSync.py, so what is the correct order to arrange them?

Thank for your response.

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Re: log data

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The fact that you are able to connect to the crazyflie through the crazyradio on the computer and the phone at the same time, is actually a bug and is not what the system is designed to do. This bug will disapear in the new future so you will not be able to do this anymore.So if you want to fly the Crazyflie and collect data at the same time, control it with a controller directly from you computer instead.

In the mean time, I hope you were able to solve your logging script problem? Let us know if you still need an example

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