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log data

Post by yche15Crazy » Mon May 13, 2019 12:37 pm


I have a problem for collecting IMU data by using Laptop-Client when I manually fly the CF with my phone.
The connection between the CF and Laptop-Client always break after I control the CF for several seconds, so I can't collect valid data.
How can I fix it?

And second, logging the data while controlling the CF with code is also preferable, but can you please show me how can I integrate two of your example code into ones? I mean I want to control the CF like flowsequenceSync.py and log data like basiclogSync.py. Both of them have their own loops, e.g. ' for y in range(10):' in flowsequenceSync.py and 'with SyncLogger(scf, lg_stab) as logger:' in basiclogSync.py, so what is the correct order to arrange them?

Thank for your response.

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