CF2 UART2 RX to recieve

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CF2 UART2 RX to recieve

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Hi all,

I am currently working on my own expansion deck, where I would like to use both UART1 and UART2 on the CrazyFlie 2.0.

I noticed in the code in the current master, that the driver for UART1 (uart1.c) contains functions for both TX and RX ( uart1GetDataWithTimout(), uart1SendData(), uart1Putchar(), uart1Getchar()). However, UART2 (uart2.c) only contains functions for TX, so only to transmit data (only uart2SendData(), uart2Putchar()).

For my ends, I would like to use the RX on both uart1 and uart2. Would this still be possible with duplicating the RX functions of UART1 or is the RX for UART2 purposed for something else?

Thanks in advance.
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Re: CF2 UART2 RX to recieve

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I just noticed that I asked exactly the same question in another topic (Developer Questions). Did you actually manage to get the UART2 port to receive data?
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