64-bit client

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64-bit client

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I want to write some MATLAB functions to control the crazyflie. TO do thatr I need the MATLAB real time engine wghich requires MATLAB 64-bit. To import matlab I need to link it with PYthon 64-bit.

I want to still be able to use the crazyflie client gui to manually test fly tyhe crazty flie.
I used miniconda 64-bit to install the PC crazyflie client and changed the SDL2 to the 64-bit version.

Now, when i activate the cffclient environment, I Caan get the cfclient to load the gui. However, only some of the buttons and tabs work. IT does not recognize my ps3 controller, and some of the tabs. IT will scan and connect to the crazyflie, but python.exe crashes almost imediately.

IS there somethong I can do to get full 64-bit instalation? I was thinking oif using the vitural machine, but I think MAtlab laoded inside of that will make my control feedback too slow, although, I am not sure how the real-tiome kernel in MAtlab works, so it may work. ID someone has experience with MATLAB in the VM and using the real-time kernel successfully, that may solve the problem.

ALso, I am using Windows 64-bit installation with Wiondows 7 OS

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