WORD OF WARNING: Crazyradio Delicate

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WORD OF WARNING: Crazyradio Delicate

Post by ArthurA » Sat Dec 27, 2014 5:21 pm

This is entirely my fault, but just a word of warning to anybody reading this...

So I was flying my crazyflie with my laptop using the crazyradio and someone was coming in the room. My laptop was on the floor, so I moved it to the side so that the person could pass. As I was moving it, the crazyradio knocked a stool and suddenly I lost connection to the crazyflie. :( I took the dongle out of my laptop and realized that the two leftmost connections (when you're staring at the radio with the side of the antenna closest to you) were broken. I tried to re-solder them back on, and a few times the leds on it lit up on it, but it was never recognized as a usb device on my computer.
I then tried again to re-solder it and plugged it back into my computer; then something strange happened: a chip on the board (marked D1) caught on fire and started smoking. It only lasted a couple of seconds, but it was pretty scary and dangerous if I had been touching the dongle. I have since ordered a new Crazyradio as it is now fried :oops:
Edit: After further inspection, I see that the reason it fried was that some kind of red insulating pad or something was not present to make the connection, so that may have done it. I do think that there could be more holding the dongle together than just the connection to the usb part, though.

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