Strange connection problems

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Strange connection problems

Post by jeremix » Fri Nov 07, 2014 1:01 pm


I have a strange behaviour with connecting the CF.

I manage to connect CF, I click connect, the Crazyradio scan, find the CF.
When I try to connect I got the message : "communication failed - too many packets lost"
And after that, the CF can't connect anymore. The scan run and stop, and never find the CF anymore.
If I restart the client and Crazyradio, it seem to work again. Until the next connection failed... and so on

Bootloader is ok (firmware updated), I try to changes channels and bandwith, no effect.

I sometimes manage to have a connection but no the flight data don't response, as well the motors.
The connection seem good, but no response at all.

I am on Virtual box with last machine from Bitcraze.

Any idea ?

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