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I was wondering if anyone have bought any kind of netcage for safety while experimenting with drones? I have been looking but do not find anything. I am thinking something like 2x2x2 (m) for the crazyflie. Please tell me if you know any website selling it (Preferably in Sweden or with fast delivery here).

/Simon J
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Re: Netcage

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Nothing 'professional' but we have been using a couple of solution when going to fairs that forced us to have a net.

Our first try was fishing nets: it is pretty bad because it has very thin thread so at every crash all the propeller get tangled-up.

Our latest and most successful solution was birds net (the king that is used to protect fruit trees), it is thicker and so the Crazyflie did not get tangled up all the time, it was also much easier to use. We found it at 'Plantagen'.
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