CrazyFlie with Payload (Expansion Deck)

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CrazyFlie with Payload (Expansion Deck)

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Hey Folks.

Have a crazyflie and love it. I want to carry a payload of about 90 grams. Obviously crazyflie cannot do this, but is it possible to use the expansion deck to build a larger drone which can. It seems that 250 mm drones can lift about that much weight. Has anyone done this and know how the process is. Is it worth doing, or is the remodifications too difficult to make it worth it.

I'm a student doing a project with drones for the first time and don't have an immense amount of time to be tweaking this.

If this isn't feasible, what are my options for a programmable payload carrying drone which can run autonomously.
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Re: CrazyFlie with Payload (Expansion Deck)

Post by tobias »

Yes you can size it up but doing it quickly might be a challenge. You can use the big-quad deck or build your own like in this blog post.

Another option is to switch out the motors for bigger ones like 7x20 motors for e.g. hubsan that will fit in the motor mounts. You will probably not reach 90 grams though...
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