Crazyflie 2 with Taranis

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Crazyflie 2 with Taranis

Post by Misfit138 »

Hey Guys,
it's posible to bind the crazyflie with a taranis radio?

Nice greetings,
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Re: Crazyflie 2 with Taranis

Post by chad »

I'm not familiar with the Taranis radio but the bottom line for a radio to have connectivity with the Crazyflie is that it needs a nRF24L01 transmitter chip and either the ability to speak Crazyflie (ie. deviationTX) or a known protocol where a translation can be implemented in the Crazyflie's nRF code...

I'm going to venture a guess and say no, it will not bind out of the box and I don't know if it can be made to through hacks.

Maybe someone else with a better understanding of the Taranis will also reply.
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Re: Crazyflie 2 with Taranis

Post by miodek1987 »

Never heard about Taranis radio. Have to google it and learn:)
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Re: Crazyflie 2 with Taranis

Post by derf »

Sorry for answering so late.

According to the following thread, some progress was made with binding a Taranis radio to the Crazyflie directly:

A non-standalone solution is, to use the Taranis radio as a USB joystick with the Python PC or the Android client:
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