Crazyflie and bigger quad

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Crazyflie and bigger quad

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I bought the CrazyFlie 2.0 a few months ago. Hooked everything up and connect to my iPhone 6 plus. I cannot even hover for a second. Mind you, I have flown helicopter many many years ago. Thinking I might have lost the touch or this is just some junk. So I spend more money and go ahead and bought the CrazyRadio and paired it with my old PS3 controller. Wow !!! Night and day. Not only I could hover, I could fly it with precision now. :)
Fast forward a month later.. I am hooked. I want something bigger now.....

So... more money for this new found hobby.

Got myself a KK mini flight controller.. 12A ESC .. New Radio .. New receivers .. and so on ..

Back to square one. again. Big learning curve. I really really appreciate the codes that goes into CrazyFlie. The Crazyflie is so stable and so easy to control compared to the other quad. So thumbs up to all the people that gave the world this wonderful little joy !!!!!
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