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Re: New nano drone

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CliffH are you talking about the indiegogo drone?
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Re: New nano drone

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Yes, this is the indiegogo drone. From earlier posts, I searched the Internet and it looks like there are others that are essentially identical, without the blade guard and landing skids. So the company I got it from on indiegogo has an interesting business model where they very slightly tweak a Chinese design and charge double. Not a bad gig. Had I known...but whatever, it was still dirt cheap to me.

No hacks yet. I am curious to see the guts, but would probably destroy it. And knowing the way these things go, I'd guess it has unidentifiable, highly optimized Chinese ICs. It is amazingly stable, very little drift, so the algorithms must be pretty good. I bet they use 3-axis accelerometer that has a virtual gyro mode. Several companies provide this functionality.

Given how this performs, I think the drift and vibration issues experience by some should be solvable in Crazyflie firmware. I also think a pre-programmed flip mode should be easy. The way it is detuned and seems to have precise "click movement" might be worth exploring in Crazyflie as well. By this, I men that moving the controller, especially noticeable on yaw axis rotates the drone in precise angular clicks. This is nice for slight changes as opposed to a fluid continuous analog-like motion.

The thing is also pretty resilient taking some hard abuse as I have plowed it into walls at high speed. It has so little mass that nothing happens other than occasionally throwing a blade. With the blade guard, which is springy, it can even still fly wedged in a room corner until I get my bearings when I lose situational awareness.

Fun toy for decompressing for a minute or two at the desk.
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