Self Reboot after Power Cycle and Nucleo Bootloader

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Self Reboot after Power Cycle and Nucleo Bootloader

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Hi everyone I am trying to reboot automatically LH Deck from SPI Flash after turn on and my next step is STM Nucleo F303RE board to be boot-loader able to flash the the lighthouse deck. I am looking for advice and help for this task.

I read the iCE40 Programming and Configuration they mention about SPI Master and Slave configuration which can be use for self reboot after power cycles but I am not sure is it possible for LH Deck.

First attempted to program LH Deck Flash using FTDI USB to UART using the bootloader of lighthouse bootloader-master. I successfully upload the code to SPI Flash. Now I am trying add self booting seciton from SPI Flash and use Nucleo to be bootloader. In addition, the crazyflie is aslo capable of the programming the LH Deck so that it is technically possible.Also how hard to implement crazyflie LH uContoller bootloader in to different uContoller. Looking for advice thank you :)
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Re: Self Reboot after Power Cycle and Nucleo Bootloader

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Just letting you know that current we can not really answer this for you here at the office... So hopefully the community can help you out or poke us again after mid august or so if you really cannot find the answer. Currently we are with less people now here due to the holidays.
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