More than two basestations

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More than two basestations

Post by cafeciaojoe »

Hi Kristoffer,

As an extension problem to this post here. viewtopic.php?f=20&t=4668&start=10
I will be getting the CF to look for more than two basestations.
Following your advice from your call I increased the PULSE_PROCESSOR_N_BASE_STATIONS to 3, ran the CF and performed a task dump to see if the KALMAN task was eating up to much of the CPU. looks like with three basestations in it's sight. the SYSLOAD was around 15-20% (that was with the Cf just sitting there not moivng)

I also noticed in the consile that the CF "LH: Got calibration from E68786AE on channel 3".

SO my question is, will there need to be more modifications to the firmware/cflib or client such that the CF can fly? It seems to me that there at least needs to be a modifiction to the client that allows more than two BS's geometry to be estimated and the results writtten to the CF.

I will have a look at this in more depth tomorrow but just thought I would get the thoughts off the top off your head to give me a head start ;)

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Re: More than two basestations

Post by kristoffer »

Hi Joe!

The CPU load seems OK to me, that will probably not be a problem.

The CF firmware will handle 3 base stations in a (fairly) good way, you should not have to change anything in the FW as far as I can see.
Some of the client code on the other hand only handles 2 base stations, especially the geometry estimation. It is possible that the visualisation will work, I'm not sure :-)
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