crazyflie 2.1 expansion

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crazyflie 2.1 expansion

Post by CamITC »

Hi everyone,
I am a newbe in the crazyflie world, I have easily used the normal setup crazyflie 2.1+ flow deck+ multiranger. Now I would like to build a larger quad with the bolt + flow deck + multiranger + small camera (Max 15cm diagonal frame). Do you have any advice, websites or guides to understand better on how to calculate weight/props/motors/esc/battery ratio?
Thank you in advance!
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Re: crazyflie 2.1 expansion

Post by tobias »

eCalc is a database and tool to do this but you will need a subscription to use it.Another option is to buy something pre-designed kit but then it is often FPV setups which are optimized for agility and speed and not flight time.
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