help me flash fpga bootloader

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help me flash fpga bootloader

Post by arix »

i make a lighthouse deck ,and now i need to flash program.
i have writted ow. but now i don't know how to flash ice40 bootloader.
""If you want to flash the bootloader in the deck, you need to connect an FTDI addapter to the SPI flash of the deck the same way it is done in the Lattice iCEstick developement board.""
can you give me details.

And can i flash bootloader only use crazyflie. or i must need FTDI addapter? if yes and i want to know where to buy it. i am chinese. can you give me some advice.
Thank you very much!
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Re: help me flash fpga bootloader

Post by tobias »

Arnaud that know this the best is not available now and we can't really help you more then advising you to read the appointed doc. You will need a FTDI addapter, that I know.

We help you a lot and we would really like you to share more about what you do. If you developed anything new and cool, found any bugs to file or other stuff that can be valuable to the community.
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