Camera wifi setup

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Camera wifi setup

Post by RyanMco » Thu Sep 05, 2019 7:24 pm

Hi guys
I bought wifi camera and it works fine on my smartphone, I bought camera called echine camera that's working in JY UFO application, it works fine on my smartphone ! but what I want to get it connected to my PC, so how? I tried to search for driver on ubuntu for capturing the video to my pc screen but It didn't connect to my wirless camera ! , I used VLC player and Debut capture video but it didn't work and didn't succeed to connect to my wireless camera ..any help? I bought the wireless camera from amazon and it doesn't have manual .. any help please on which driver I can use in my ubunto in order to succeed to see the video on my pc's screen? thanks alot.
my camera like this : ... rehouse=CN

what should I do to succeed to see my video on my PC from wireless camera to my pc directly? I'm not succeeding though VLC PLAYER/DEBUT CAPTURE to connect to my camera at all ..any help please?

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