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Improving documentation

Post by kimberly »

Hi all,

This forum thread will be about improving our documentation, accommodating this blog post.
  • What do you think about the current state of our documentation?
  • What do you think of our plans ?
  • What do you think can be additionally improved?
Please let us know your opinion!
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Re: Improving documentation

Post by matejkarasek »


I just started very recently with development using the Bitcraze hardware, and I think this is a great initiative!

I agree with everything written in the blog post. For hardware, one central place where all the info is would be much better (now it is on the product page, in the shop, on the wiki...). Similarly, I ran into redundant pages on the Wiki/Github when searching for info on how to set up the development environment in Windows, each describing a slightly different approach, and all actually slightly outdated. Now I do not mean this as a critic as I find the documentation to be very good already, but just want to say this is a good direction to take!


PS: Will try to post concrete examples in this thread later
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