Supervisory System

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Supervisory System

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At this moment I work with supervisory system's Crazyflie. My goal is to show the trajectory (in 3D) of the flight in real time. I read that it is possible to do this with OpenGl, but I do not have experience with this. Do you have any ideas?

Thank you in advance.
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Re: Supervisory System

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The easiest might be to use ROS with the Crazyflie_ROS driver. ROS has a 3D visualisation program called rviz that would give you 3D monitoring of the Crazyflie pose.

If you want to make your own visualisation there is existing libs for 3D visualisation like matplotlib or vispy that would allow to build simple custom visualisation. We made a couple of visualisation of the Crazyflie position with vispy, I could try to find them and push it on github if you are interested.

If you rather want to re-make the visualisation by yourself using opengl directly, it might not be the best forum to ask help: we can help you with getting information from the Crazyflie and with libs that are commonly used. Low level opengl programming is a specialized field and other forum will most likely have more knowledgeable visitors on the topic. Though, unless you really have to/want to use opengl directly, you should most likely use a higher level lib.
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