assist mode of crazyflie-FLOWDECKV2 && stability hovering

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assist mode of crazyflie-FLOWDECKV2 && stability hovering

Post by RyanMco » Fri Apr 26, 2019 4:45 pm

Hi guys, I'm a lil confused about the three assist mode of my crazyflie that's connect with flowdeckv2, I have the option HOVER which it's hovering on specific height that's targeted by, and I have also the height hold, what does this assist mode *height hold* do? I mean what should I see when I choose that option?
I have the controller XBOX360 controlled my crazyflie ..

second off, how can I stable more my crazyflie? I feel that when I'm on hovering mode, my crazyflie goes and bend in direction x and in direction y .. how can I stable it more while hovering on specific height?

thanks in advance

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Re: assist mode of crazyflie-FLOWDECKV2 && stability hovering

Post by arnaud » Mon Apr 29, 2019 8:32 am


Hover mode keeps an absolute height and control X/Y in velocity. The velocity is controlled by the gamepad and this allows to get stable flight in X/Y/Z.
Height hold controls the absolute height and roll/pitch angle. The roll/pitch angle are controlled by the gamepad. If you have a flow deck installed, keeping roll/pitch=0 will keep X/Y acceleration=0, though the velocity can be non-null.

If the flow is tracking well, you should get very stable flight without noticeable drift (as seen in this video). Things you can check:
- Check that your floor has some visible pattern with good lightning
- There should not be a sharp shadow of the Crazyflie projected on the floor
- Check the target serpoint for x/y when activating hover mode are at 0.0m/s when you do not touch your gamepad: the drift could come from your gamepad exhibiting non-0 rest values.

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