transmit power and nrf

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transmit power and nrf

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We are continuing to study Python code and firmware code to see if there are even dozens of drones that can communicate seamlessly. There are two questions.
I found that I could adjust the transmit power of the nrf51 on the drone firmware and adjusted it to 4dbm (the default value is 0dBm) to see if it would affect the communication between the computer and the drone. Although it is not possible to calculate the exact numerical value, experimentally, it seems that communication is good even when the drones are separated from the radio at 4 dbm than at 0 dbm. Is there a reason to set the initial value to 0dbm?
Referring to the nrf5 sdk on the ... __esb.html,
I found that the nrf24 radio generates up to six pipes (1 rx and 6 tx communicate on one channel). But in crazyflie, the radio is tx and the drones are rx. Also, it was possible to experiment with connecting more than 6 drone in one channel. In the crazyflie system, is it advisable to have one tx and six drones rx on one channel?

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