Direct motor control for CF2.0

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Direct motor control for CF2.0

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I am a newcomer to this forum, so forgive an initial load of ignorant questions:
I am using CF2.0 to demonstrate controller/observer structures under intermittent sensor readings.

However inheriting an implementation from former colleagues has led me to the situation that everything works, except that the CF does not power up the motors.

In an attempt to identify the cause of the problem I tried to set "motorPower.m1 = 10000;" at the end of "void powerDistribution(const control_t *control)" - just to see some action - but nothing happens.
I write out debug text at the same point in the code, so I am quite certain, that the function executes periodically (rapidly).

Also std firmware allows me to power up motors from my android app - so motors work correctly.

Are there any SW switches that I need to set to power up.

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