planner.h questions

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planner.h questions

Post by percy.jaiswal »

Hi Arnaud,

I few doubts in planner.h file. In this file, I see functions like plan_init, plan_stop, plan_takeoff etc. Can this functions be used to fly autonomously using Crazyflie firmware?

I have seen a demo you had posted in one of forum threads, in which you are using functions => setHoverSetpoint(&setpoint, 0, 0, 0.2, 0) and commanderSetSetpoint(&setpoint, 3);

Which functions are better for developing autonomous flight in crazyflie firmware?

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Re: planner.h questions

Post by arnaud »

The trajectory planner is very new and I have not had the opportunity (ie. time) to test it yet.

In theory you should be able to use the trajectory planner from within the Crazyflie and if what you want it to fly trajectories then it might be the best. I will not be able to help much with that since I have not yet used it so I suggest you look in the code to se how it works and what function to called. I just merged the trajectory upload and exec, this code is essentially running a sequence of trajectory from within the Crazyflie, so it might give clues.

The low level setpoint I used in the code I posted previously will require you to drive your own trajectory, though you already have an example for it so maybe it is a good starting point.

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