Wall dectection and computation of a room's dimensions

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Wall dectection and computation of a room's dimensions

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Dear all,

I would like my Crazyflie to perform the following operations during an autonomous flight using code written in Python :

1. Once put into a small room, the drone should first be able to detect successively each of the 4 walls. More precisely, I would like the drone to fly towards a wall until it reaches a specified distance separating it from the wall. Then, the drone should perform a rotation and start looking for the next wall. Simultaneously, the drone should compute the dimensions of the room.

2. Once the 4 walls have been detected, the drone should be able to stabilize itself in the middle of the room based on the dimensions of the room it computed at the previous stage.

As I have started coding in Python recently, I wondered whether someone could provide me with a python code allowing my Crazyflie to perform the two actions described above.

PS :Regarding the material at my disposal, I also own a Multi-ranger deck.

Best regards,

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Re: Wall dectection and computation of a room's dimensions

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If you are just starting out, it would be good to look at these step by step and getting started guides:
Especially after the step-by-step guides you should be able to make your own python script make the crazyfly do what you described
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