BigQuad + Z-ranger/flowdeck

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BigQuad + Z-ranger/flowdeck

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Hi Bitcraze!

I want to use the BigQuad deck with a positioning system that regulates height (roll/pitch/yaw control is no problem). I know the flowdeck and BQ have some compatibility problems.
I was wondering if the Z-Ranger deck v2 also interferes with the pins the bigquad uses. If not I can buy it to use with the BQ.
Since I already have the flowdeck v2 and not (yet) have the z-ranger deck, can i disable/disconnect the camera of the flowdeck so that it basically functions as a z-ranger and thus can be used with the BQ without doing modifications?

Thank you
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Re: BigQuad + Z-ranger/flowdeck

Post by tobias »

The Z-ranger v2 should work with the BiqQuad deck and you should be able to disable the flow part which can be done in many ways. First I would try to disable the flow part in the driver flowdeck_v1v2.c. Replace the flowdeck2Init with this:

Code: Select all

static void flowdeck2Init()
  if (isInit1 || isInit2) {

  // Initialize the VL53L1 sensor using the zRanger deck driver
  const DeckDriver *zRanger = deckFindDriverByName("bcZRanger2");
  isInit2 = true;
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