Loco positioning together with multi-ranger?

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Loco positioning together with multi-ranger?

Post by droneguy99 »

I'm doing a project trying to achieve autonomous flight with a drone and I'm strongly considering the CrazyFlie. I will need a positioning system like Loco to be used with the global path planning of the drone. At the same time I will also need obstacle avoidance functionality and the multi-ranger deck seems to be what I need for that.

Am I able to use these two decks at the same time?

And also, if I later want to add other decks, is it possible? Or is it limited to two, both "electrically" and mechanically?

Appreciate any feedback!
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Re: Loco positioning together with multi-ranger?

Post by arnaud »

LPS and multiranger will work together with no problem electrically speaking. The only limitation might be that if putting all the decks on the top, one must be careful to not short the multiranger sensors (it seems to be clear of any metal but one should be careful). The multirange seems to cover a bit the LPS antenna, if this is a problem the LPS deck can be pus on the bottom.

As for adding a 3rd deck, the main problem is mechanical since the long pins are only long enough for 2 decks. One can solder together a short and a long pin to make longer pin, this is something we have already experimented with before.
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Re: Loco positioning together with multi-ranger?

Post by RafaelGB »

Hello! Have you managed to use both decks at the same time? I'm working on a project in which I'll need to do a similar setup, and would appreciate any information from someone who already did it.

Thank you!
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