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Flying two (2) Crazyflies at once?

Posted: Mon Aug 13, 2018 9:28 pm
by h4_n0j
I'm working on a motion planning research project utilizing:

- Crazyflie 2.0 (platform version)
- Linux (as control station)
- Python (for programming autonomous flights)

How can I go about programming an autonomous flight in which two (2) Crazyflie quads at once (in formation)?

Is there a Python script on the Crazyflie Python library that can enable this functionality?


Re: Flying two (2) Crazyflies at once?

Posted: Tue Aug 14, 2018 1:57 am
by whoenig
If you think ROS is an option, you can check out the Crazyswarm: Scripting is done in python - you can either upload trajectories, or follow waypoints.

There is also an example for the official python SDK here: ...