Trajectory with Low Level Commander

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Trajectory with Low Level Commander

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I'm interested in swarm of Crazyflies and I've been dealing with this for a while. I see your examples about trajectory on your documentation but they are all made via High Level Commander. I'm wondering if it is made via Low Level Commander(Is there any way to do this via cflib or something else but except High Level Commander). I've been researching about it for a while but I couldn't find anything. How do I get Crazyflies to follow trajectory with a Low Level Commander? Thanks in advance.
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Re: Trajectory with Low Level Commander

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So, before we continue, you need to know what the high level commander is actually doing. The high level commander is enabling the Crazyflie to have more autonomy onboard, so you will only need it to send it one 'high level' command (like take off to 1 meter or follow that trajectory from memory), compared to constantly sending setpoints to follow the trajectory from the computer/cflib.

The low-level commander you are looking for war is just called commander, to which you can setpoint to as:

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                cf.commander.send_position_setpoint(X,Y,Z, yaw)
You will need to define the X,Y,Z and yaw in a list somehow, and in a while loop to constantly send setpoint. Your trajectory is defined in this list. This is a good example of this commander.

By the way, in this lecture it is explained how the commander structure works, especially in the second hour
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