Valve Index (2.0) Basestation Lighthouse Setup

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Valve Index (2.0) Basestation Lighthouse Setup

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Good morning everyone,

I read the wiki entry for setting up a Lighthouse environment with the Valve Index 2 Basestations.

I was wondering what kind of controller or tracker I would need to setup the system without the need of having a VR.
Can I buy an "old" controller for Vive 1.0 Basestations or do I need the new ones?
I read 2.0 Basestations can not be combined with 1.0 stations.

Therefore, can things like controller or tracker from 1.0 systems be used in 2.0 systems?

I read, that you can use new controllers with the old base stations but not vice versa.

Next question:
Did somebody setup 2.0 system without a VR?
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Re: Valve Index (2.0) Basestation Lighthouse Setup

Post by tobias »

Even though we are not that far from 2.0 support there is still work left and it is only the 1.0 that works right now. Last week we managed to implement basic calibration using the Crazyflie+lighthouse deck only. See this doc. Currently it only works for 1.0 base stations. Support for 2.0 should be possible too but this requires the LH2.0 driver to be more mature and we are not there yet.

Else I think the vive tracker 2.0 is enough to calibrate both LH1.0 and LH2.0 but not 100% sure.
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