Data logging not working from python script

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Data logging not working from python script

Post by mouhyemen »

I am trying to read in position data of cf using the asynchronous logger script in python.

I commented out line #151 and uncommented #150 of script: ...

I get the following output:
It says "Error no LogEntry to handle id=25"

If I comment out reset_estimator in the script, then I get "No LogEntry to assign block to !!!"

The console output is the following:
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Re: Data logging not working from python script

Post by kristoffer »


The spurious "Error no LogEntry to handle..." messages are harmless. You may get them when re-connecting to a Crazyflie where some logging was set up in a previous connection. Due to the design of the protocol, the Crazyflie does not really know if a connection is new or not, and will continue to send the log data that was set up in the previous connection. The problem is that the python lib does not know about this log configuration and hence displays the warning.

Since you commented out line #151 the connection will close down as soon as the estimator has been reset. Add a sleep instead, that should hopefully give you some log data.
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