Lighthouse with Big Quad Deck

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Lighthouse with Big Quad Deck

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Hey, Is there any way to use the Lighthouse deck with the big quad deck? It seems from the matrix, it is incompatible, but I am wondering if there is a modification i could make to either deck to allow this functionality to work.

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Re: Lighthouse with Big Quad Deck

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We have not tested this yet but I think it should work. The TX1 and RX1 will be occupied by the Llighthouse deck but if you are not using the BQ-deck GPS port there should be no collision.
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Re: Lighthouse with Big Quad Deck

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Hi Tobias,

Have you tested position control on the CF2, using a GPS with the current Kalman filter?
If so, can you share a link?

Thank you, Yoni
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Re: Lighthouse with Big Quad Deck

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This is a different issue so please start a new forum thread with your question so it is easier for us to help you. Thanks!
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