Lighthouse-4 deck interfaced with Bebop parrot drone

Discussions related to positioning systems where the position is calculated outside the Crazyflie and sent to the device using radio, including MoCap systems
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Lighthouse-4 deck interfaced with Bebop parrot drone

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I am currently working with the Bebop parrot drone. I was wondering if it would be possible to interface the lighthouse-4 deck with the HTC Vive base station with drones other than the crazyflies??

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Re: Lighthouse-4 deck interfaced with Bebop parrot drone

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If you can program the drone, it should be possible though using the Lighthouse deck with other robot is not supported out of the box yet.

First of all, the lighthouse deck is 3.0V and does not support 3.3V signals see the wiki for more details: ... lighthouse.

Next, you need some code to calculate your position from the lighthouse signals: the deck currently only acquires IR pulse, you need some code to decode them. You will need to port the code from the Crazyflie, most of it should be platform independent, the entry point is the deck driver: ... ghthouse.c (the deck driver is Crazyflie-dependent but all the lighthouse-releated function should are implemented in the util/ folder and should be portable quite easily).

We are working at making a breakout board that solves the voltage problem and contains a USB interface, as part of this work we will break out the positioning code from the Crazyflie. This will not happen before the end of the summer though.
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