The Qualisys x Crazyflie resources repository

Discussions related to positioning systems where the position is calculated outside the Crazyflie and sent to the device using radio, including MoCap systems
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The Qualisys x Crazyflie resources repository

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has anyone used this repository before?

My understanding is that you can fly a crazyflie using the qualisys system without crazyswarm and ROS. I am getting the following issue:

Getting the following error when trying to run

~ Qualisys x CrazyFlie ~
Connecting to radio://0/80/2M
Connected to QTM, version Version set to 1.17
Getting parameters from QTM...
Starting to record new measurement in QTM...
Starting listening to QTM packet stream...
Found 1 6DoF bodies defined in QTM project: Terminating due to error receiving QTM parameters: string indices must be integers

Windows 10 with Anaconda3, using QTM 1.0.1, cflib 0.1.6, xmltodict 0.11.0

We're able to establish a connection to the aircraft using the crazyflie PC client, so there's no problem with the radio or the aircraft.

If we modify line:

qtmRigidbodies_idxByName[body['Name']] = i

to read:

qtmRigidbodies_idxByName[body] = i

we get the error:

Got link error callback [Too many packets lost] in state [1] Connection to radio://0/80/2M failed: Too many packets lost Terminating due to error while initializing flight controller: Too many packets lost

Any idea on how to fix this?

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Re: The Qualisys x Crazyflie resources repository

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I don't have that much knowledge about the Qualisys library, you might be best off posting an issue on their github. My guess though is that the python excepts/hangs and thus drops the connection when you try do to the call. So something is probably wrong with the "qtmRigidbodies_idxByName[body] = i" call.
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