Using Optitrack Data on the Crazyflies

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Using Optitrack Data on the Crazyflies

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I was wondering how everyone has been able to connect Optitrack to use with the Crazyflies. I know that the Crazyswarm package exists, but since I am only controlling two crazyflies I'd prefer to not use it at this time.

I am running Motive 2.3.0 on Windows 10, and Ubuntu 18.04 on a Virtual Box Virtual Machine (this is the Bitcraze VM). I also have two Crazyflie 2.1's. I am able to stream the Optitrack data via the VRPN client over wifi to the virtual machine and print the positions and quaternions of the crazyflies in the terminal of the VM, but am unsure how to import this Optitrack position data into a python script for the Crazyflies to use in real time.

I've looked at the Qualisys External Positioning System script to get an idea of how to use the extpos() command, but my main issue is finding the link between Optitrack streamed over VRPN to Python. Does anyone have any ideas/advice?
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Re: Using Optitrack Data on the Crazyflies

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