big quad plus LPS

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big quad plus LPS

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How would a big quad deck connect drone (the frame of the big drone) be to work with the LPS system aswell?
I have a big drone that I want to fly with the crazyflie big deck and the LPS at the same time.
The big quad I am using has a few parts that are metal (specifically the Power Distribution board and the Motors).
Would those be an issue for the LPS system (if it would work)

Thanks in advance!
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Re: big quad plus LPS

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With some modifications to the BigQuad deck it is possible. Read about it in the wiki here.

Getting a good reception could be tricky and ultimately it should be free space around the loco deck antenna. We have tested it with just a 5-10mm of free space from e.g. the bottom if it and still worked but I suspect it will have some degraded performance. I think the only way to really know would be to test.
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