About using UWB

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About using UWB

Post by wannabedrone »

Hi. I am trying to use 8 Loco positioning nodes as TDoA2.
But I have a problem of getting position data.
I attached two pictures.
First one is showing all nodes are detected well.
Second one is showing node 6 and 7 are not giving us position data.

We bought Node 0,1,2,3,4,5 last year, and Node 6,7 month ago. Is it related to this problem?

In addition, when we tried to use all these nodes as TWR mode we can get position data well(I mean even node 6 and 7 gave us position data well).

I don't know why it doesn't work well as TDoA2.
I will wait for your reply.
Thank you,

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Re: About using UWB

Post by kimberly »


Are 6 and 7 the furthers away from the crazyflie? Does this change if you put the crazyflie closer?

There is an update of the lps nodes about one year ago so it might be a good idea to update all of your old nodes to the new firmware.

Also in the new firmware, it is able to force the tx power to maximum through the low level node configuration. See this documentation for it. If you press help you should see the power option in the menu (option 'p'). The same can be done for the crazyflie as well (compile flag LPS_FULL_TX_POWER), so that might improve your ranging in TDOA.
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