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Post by Typh »

Hi, for a project, we need to code a crazyflies drone.

However, when we start our drone, it goes off in all directions and then executes the actions and doesn't execute them in the right direction. I saw on your youtube page this video "lighthouse positioning yaw measurement demo" to put the drone back in the x direction. Would it be possible to explain me the code?

Thank you very much for your help.

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Re: Positioning

Post by arnaud »

Using lighthouse positioning, the Crazyflie is able to measure and correct its orientation, this is what the video is demonstrating.

Using LPS, it is not possible to measure the YAW and so the Crazyflie must start with a already known YAW in order for it to fly properly. You need to start your Crazyflie with the antena in the direction of the X axis (see this image in the doc: https://www.bitcraze.io/getting-started ... -crazyflie). This way the startup YAW matches the initial yaw setup in the Crazylfie.

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