ch2 and ch3 Interfere

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ch2 and ch3 Interfere

Post by justinleeyang »

Interfere with each other about ch2 and ch3, but the two channel don't use the same frequence.
when sniffer set as ch2, tag set as ch3, sniffer still receive tag's data, why?

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Re: ch2 and ch3 Interfere

Post by arnaud »

I assume you are talking about the UWB radio and not the 2.4GHz radio.

The UWB radio has a lot of cross-talk between channel. The only way to separate channels is to also change the preamble. Thought there will still be collision. I remember that there is an application note from Decawave talking exactly about this problem, it contains a lot of info about the probability a packet is received on another channel and how much collision to expect between channels and preamble.

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