TDOA filter explanation

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TDOA filter explanation

Post by Guglie » Fri Aug 03, 2018 1:37 pm

Can someone explain the kalman filtering applied to TDOA measurements?

In particular the function stateEstimatorUpdateWithTDOA()

What's the meaning of these lines?

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h[STATE_X] = ((x - x1) / d1 - (x - x0) / d0);
h[STATE_Y] = ((y - y1) / d1 - (y - y0) / d0);
h[STATE_Z] = ((z - z1) / d1 - (z - z0) / d0);

The actual measurement is used only to calculate the prediction error, right?

I've seen a couple of papers cited, but I can't find nothing on Time Difference of Arrival estimation.

Thank you!

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